Business Leader Talks

Digital technology, new media and AI for storytelling, fashion, dance, music, theatre, gaming, creativity and interactive entertainment.

Each year the DHI hosts a series of talks by business leaders who have created and run some of the UK’s leading technology and new media project in the cultural industries. It is an opportunity for you to hear their ideas, and share their journeys and experiences in a series of in-person talks at the University.

How can technology and new media produce innovation in the arts, humanities and cultural sectors? What are the business opportunities? What is the role of research? How do you turn an idea into a successful project or business start-up? Each of our speakers is the visionary behind a project or company that Innovate UK considers to be disruptive and transformational within the cultural industries.

The talks cover a diverse range of topics, including immersive theatre, an online studio for contemporary dance, 3D virtual musicians, 3D virtual fashion, the metaverse, eXtended Reality, NFTs, digital creativity, and interactive storytelling using AI.

Each talk is intended to inform and inspire, opening up possibilities for knowledge sharing and collaboration. The talks are hosted as part of the DHI’s two MA programmes: Digital Culture & Communication, and Cultural Data Management & Communication.