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Covent Garden Weeded

Performance 1632


There are no records of early performances of the play. However, topical references in the text strongly suggest that it was written and first performed in late 1632 or the first half of 1633. For a review of these and conclusions concerning dates of composition and performance, see Kaufmann (1961), p. 74; and Steggle (2004), p. 43.
Run 1641


The printed text of the play (1659) includes two prologues and two epilogues. The second prologue says that the play was first perfomed 'ten years since' (line 5), suggesting that it was revived shortly before the closing of the theatres at the outbreak of the English Civil Wars. There are no records confirming this, however.
Performance 14 November 1999 Shakespeare's Globe, Bankside, London Alison Stilbeck


There was a reading of this play in the 'Read Not Dead' series at Shakespeare's Globe on 14 November 1999, co-ordinated by Alison Skilbeck. A tape recording of the performance is available for consultation in the archives of Shakespeare's Globe.
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