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The Court Beggar

CB_2_1 Act 2 Philomel: admonition as flirtation Watch video
CB_2_2 Act 2 Court-wit & Swain-wit: visual reminder of admonition Watch video
CB_2_3 Act 2 Who kisses Philomel? Watch video
CB_2_4 Act 2 Cit-Wit gets the kiss Watch video
CB_2_5 Act 2 Cit-wit gets the kiss and another line Watch video
CB_2_6 Act 2 discussion of why Swain-wit begs pardon for swearing Watch video
CB_2_7 Act 2 fffforgi' me for swearing Watch video
CB_2_8 Act 2 whistles tother way Watch video
CB_2_9 Act 2 Raphael in rhetorical flow Watch video
CB_2_10 Act 2 Strangelove's couch technique Watch video
CB_3_1 Act 3 Three ways of arranging Court-wit's entrance Watch video
CB_3_2 Act 3 swords and scabbards Watch video
CB_3_3 Act 3 Busy bodies clear offstage Watch video
CB_3_4 Act 3 Cit-wit's solo responses to offstage cries Watch video
CB_3_5 Act 3 aftermath of the assault on Strangelove Watch video
CB_3_6 Act 3 Cit-wit's parting shot: I have sworn. Watch video
CB_4_1 Act 4 Sowgelder sequence Watch video
CB_5_1 Act 5 Editors and actors devise dance steps prior to run-through. Watch video
CB_5_2 Act 5 Tay dee dee Watch video
CB_5_3 Act 5 Raphael as microphone Watch video
CB_5_4 Act 5 Never was Raphael in such a wilderness Watch video
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