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The Antipodes

AN_1_1 Act 1 Martha's entrance to Barbara Watch video
AN_1_2 Act 1 Exploring Martha's mood-swings Watch video
AN_1_3 Act 1 Barbara's response to Martha's approach Watch video
AN_1_4 Act 1 "I guess her grief" Watch video
AN_1_5 Act 1 Exploring if the scene between Martha and Barbara could be both disturbing and funny Watch video
AN_1_6 Act 1 Is Martha playacting for attention? Watch video
AN_1_7 Act 1 The direction that Martha "weep" Watch video
AN_1_8 Act 1 Martha and the "wanton maid" Watch video
AN_1_9 Act 1 Martha becomes proactive in the scene and the power-centre shifts Watch video
AN_1_10 Act 1 Creating spatially a divided visual focus in 1.3. Watch video
AN_1_11 Act 1 "Sure hell's above ground then in jealous husbands" Watch video
AN_1_12 Act 1 The Doctor's travels Watch video
AN_1_13 Act 1 Marginalising Joyless Watch video
AN_2_1 Act 2 Staging the arrival of Joyless and family at Letoy's house Watch video
AN_2_2 Act 2 Diana's initial uncertainty how to respond to Letoy Watch video
AN_2_3 Act 2 Joyless seeks companionship with the audience and with Blaze Watch video
AN_2_4 Act 2 "Un /Merited" Watch video
AN_2_5 Act 2 Letoy's status Watch video
AN_2_6 Act 2 Diana grows attracted to Letoy Watch video
AN_2_7 Act 2 Stage pictures to create the first sequence in the Antipodes Watch video
AN_2_8 Act 2 A first run-through of the opening scene in the Play-within-the-play Watch video
AN_2_9 Act 2 The entrance of the pregnant Waiting-Woman Watch video
AN_2_10 Act 2 In search of a kind of heightened realism Watch video
AN_2_11 Act 2 Staging the opening of the play-within-the-play with its onstage audience Watch video
AN_2_12 Act 2 A new positioning for the onstage audience Watch video
AN_2_13 Act 2 Peregrine is now free to roam at will in the playing space Watch video
AN_2_14 Act 2 Martha interrupts the play-within-the-play Watch video
AN_2_15 Act 2 A textual issue resolved by the actors Watch video
AN_2_16 Act 2 The elderly schoolboys excite Peregrine's humanity Watch video
AN_4_1 Act 4 The ducking of the Man-Scold: with the women played by women Watch video
AN_4_2 Act 4 The women in charge of the ducking become factionalised Watch video
AN_4_3 Act 4 Men as the Women in charge of the ducking: too manly? Watch video
AN_4_4 Act 4 Women again cast as in charge of the ducking but with a younger victim Watch video
AN_4_5 Act 4 The men dress as women to play the ducking scene Watch video
AN_4_6 Act 4 The women dressed in the same clothes that the men wore take charge of the ducking Watch video
AN_4_7 Act 4 The scene for the three courtiers Watch video
AN_5_1 Act 5 Joyless's soliloquy Watch video
AN_5_2 Act 5 Barbara and her news Watch video
AN_5_3 Act 5 A full run-through of the opening scene of Act 5 Watch video
AN_5_4 Act 5 Pace and implied meanings in the scene for Barbara and Joyless Watch video
AN_5_5 Act 5 The attempted seduction with a genial Letoy Watch video
AN_5_6 Act 5 A physical Letoy and a dignified Diana Watch video
AN_5_7 Act 5 A man in the role of Diana Watch video
AN_5_8 Act 5 Diana finds a tone of light-hearted scorn Watch video
AN_5_9 Act 5 Diana questions Letoy's status as an aristocrat Watch video
AN_5_10 Act 5 Letoy tries to engage with the audience and win their complicity Watch video
AN_5_11 Act 5 Diana fearlessly stands her ground Watch video
AN_5_12 Act 5 Diana breaks Letoy's physical hold on her Watch video
AN_5_13 Act 5 Diana's quiet but absolute self-control Watch video
AN_5_14 Act 5 Could two men play the scene of the seduction and achieve a sexual energy and tension? Watch video
AN_5_15 Act 5 Diana discovers her true father Watch video
AN_5_16 Act 5 Should Diana move within the scene of discovering her true father and where to? Watch video
AN_5_17 Act 5 Might the sequence be played as a send-up of reconciliation scenes? Watch video
AN_5_18 Act 5 A final attempt at a tone poised between the grave and the comic in 5.2. Watch video
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